5.51% APY1
6 mo. CD

3 mo. CD 5.36% 5.51%
6 mo. CD 5.36% 5.51%
12 mo. CD 5.21% 5.35%
24 mo. CD 4.25% 4.34%
36 mo. CD 3.50% 3.56%
60 mo. CD 3.00% 3.05%
1The advertised interest rates and Annual Percentage Yields (APY) are effective as of
April 29, 2024  and are subject to change daily without notice. A $25,000 minimum deposit via ACH is required to open an account and in order to earn the advertised APY. The maximum amount allowed per client is $1,000,000. A penalty fee may be imposed for early withdrawal of CDs.  Fees could reduce the earnings on your CD account, please refer to the most current Disclosure & Schedule of Fees for more details.